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Thanks for your answer

Regarding the stylesheet etc, i need more structured step by step dummy instructions regarding this, otherwise i will make mistakes in pasting it wrong (were to go (editor? or down below in Startup Pro options), how and were to paste exactly etc).
But i got the first part right regarding the Google Font options.
Google Font 1 i pasted
h1 { font: 400 70px/1.2 \’Sansita one\’, Georgia, serif; }
Google Font 2 i pasted
h1 { font: 400 60px/1.3 \’Bree Serif\’, Georgia, serif; }

If these 2 fonts, that i took from another website are not written in a correct way and wrong, please let me know.

I wanted to have Verdana or Georgia, but apparently these are Fonts that are supported by Google, unless Startupro supports them?

This is the first part

Second part of your question

Actually, regarding the entire website, regarding all font letters concerning heading and text i want to change it to ONE easy to read Font which should be Verdana, Georgia or similar Font that i pasted in the Google Font section. I want the site to be minimalistic, so that the visitor concentrates on content!

But what i understood is that the WordPress site does not change or format to a new Font automatically? I have to recopy the entire text on each Page via the WordPress editor with the new? Font installed.

Finally, what is your own professional impression about the current Font on the site? What do you think? Is it easy to read, or would i indeed benefit of changing the Font?

Thank you